Mills Online

パブリッシャー: Catalin Stan
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Welcome to the Mill Morris Online!
It supports playing offline and online with other users.

Game rules:
Each player starts with 9 checkers.
Each player must place all of their checkers on the board.
Once all the checkers are on the board, players begin to move their checkers:
- A checker can be moved from one dot to another along the lines.
- A checker can only be moved 1 place at a time.
- A checker cannot be moved onto a dot that is already occupied by another checker.
Whenever a player forms a mill (three checkers in a row), that player can take one of their opponent's checker off the board (as long as it doesn't form part of a mill itself).
- If all the opponent's checkers are inside a mill then an exception is made and the player can take any checker.
The game is won when your opponent cannot move any of the checkers or if they have only 2 checkers.

Enjoy ;)

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