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PDF Converter Pro Edition allows you to convert PDFs to Word, HTML or plain text files with a few clicks of the mouse. This app converts a 100-page PDF in less than one minute, so that you will never again waste time rewriting or copying and pasting the from PDF files. PDF Converter Pro reproduces the layout of the original PDF in its new format. Increase efficiency by previewing the PDF file, and selecting a specific page range for conversion. Have a password protected PDF? No worries—PDF Convertor Pro Edition supports encrypted PDFs when you provide the password.



—Convert PDFs to Word, HTML or Plain Text Files
Passcode-protected PDF files are convertible as well.

—Straightforward Interface
Convert files with a few clicks of the mouse

—Preview PDFs Before Conversion
Use preview to confirm that you’ve selected the correct file
—Convert Multiple Files at the Same Time Save time and effort by converting several files at the same time

—Rapid Conversion
PDF Convertor Pro Edition converts 100-pages in less than a minute.

—Select Page Range Increase efficiency by selecting specific pages for conversion, instead of the entire file
—Supports All Major PDF Formats
Supports PDF version 1.0 to 1.7

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