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Relax Color

パブリッシャー: Line Newermann
評価: 評価がありません
価格: 2.99 USD


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ダウンロードランキング - Mac - 米国




This app is available for free, from the 1 - 5th every month.

Relax and Color was created as a nice, easy and calm way to unwind and relax for a few minutes.

The app randomly generated a collage of flowers, leaves, butterflies and insects that you can click to color with millions of colors randomly chooses from a set of standard colors.

There are endless possibilities of new image combinations and colors, making sure whatever you end up creating is unique.

The image is also "alive" as the insects wander a bit now and then, and the flowers and leaves might start to rotate.

Do not forget to take a screenshot of you favourite creations.

Version 1.0 contains:
- Endless Color combinations from 11 base colors
- Customise the background colour
- Endless numbers of image collages made up from:
* 3 different types of beetles
* 6 different types of butterflies
* 16 different types of flowers
* 6 different types of leaves
- There are 3 different settings for choosing image:
* simple (5 items)
* medium (11 items)
* busy (17 items)
- Zoom in or out
- Scrolling the screen can be locked/unlocked
- No popup advertising
- No in game purchases needed
- No subscriptions needed
- No registration needed
- No internet connection needed

Recommended for everyone that likes to color.

If you like this app or have any comments or suggestions please review it and leave us a note.

Hope you enjoy it :)

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