Switch for Bose SoundTouch

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Control all your Bose SoundTouch speaker on your Mac with simple and easy to use App UI. Drag Drop Play local music files.Streaming Mac microphone or audio to SoundTouch.

This app help you control all your Bose SoundTouch speaker on your local network, you can use all the functions same with buttons on your SoundTouch speaker or remote controllers, include turn on/off speaker, control volume, choose preset channels.

- Auto-save music/radio source, you can choose any source from the history list.
- Play your music file on SoundTouch speaker from your Mac directly by drag drop files.
- Send user enter URL to play on SoundTouch speaker.
- You can check the 'Set' button, then click on the number to set a Preset.
- Streaming audio from your Mac audio input ( Microphone or All System Sound ) to Bose SoundTouch speaker ( audio may delay several seconds ).

* Streaming System Sound need extra system sound extension to redirect audio.
* You need Bose SoundTouch speaker to work with this App.

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