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Treasury of David Complete Set

Psalm 52:8 "But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever."
The Treasury of David, Six Volumes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

This 6 Volume collection of commentary on the Psalms of David is the crown of Charles Spurgeon's work. 4,778 Pages!
You will find this Mac version of our app packed with tools relevant for the ultimate Bible Scholar, devotional time, and guide as daily bread for life application.
Also available companion app on Mac App Store:
~ Updated King James Version of the Holy Bible More than 1800 pages in this Bible for the Mac.
The KJV of the Bible has brought light and life since its inception in 1611. It has brought hope to countless millions around the world.

If you like the way the KJV of the Bible reads, you will love the way the Updated King James Bible reads. This Bible is great for daily bible reading. It is a great source for Bible quotes as it reads and maintains the poetic flow of KJV Bible. The Updated King James Bible is not a new translation. It is simply the King James Version of the Bible without the antiquated and archaic words.
This is you version of the Bible in modern English. This is not NIV or ESV Bible. The sword of the Spirit is the greatest weapon the believer has. The virtue of reading the Bible is essential to Christian growth. Every Bible discovery is worthwhile for building a strong foundation.
New generations of Christians have emerged and the need to update the KJV while preserving the rich poetic flow of this most used version is necessary, and is the basis for the UKJV Bible. Bible verses come alive. Great for daily Bible reading.


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