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Tuckerton Pool

パブリッシャー: John Amoratis
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料


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ダウンロードランキング - Mac - 日本




Your shore house in Tuckerton, New Jersey has a fun pool table that gives you hours of enjoyment. Control the pool stick with your arrow keys. Click the buttons to shoot. Use the helpful hints to line up your shot. Get matched up with a random player from the cloud, or play with a friend you already know. Track your winning streak with helpful stats. Game action allows for precision aiming and complex combination shots if you dare. It is a realistic simulation of the game of pool, a game known and loved around the world. Chalk up your cue, and let's go!

This game is inspired by the teenage memories of the (now grown up) programmer who spent his high school summers in Tuckerton, New Jersey playing a lot of pool.

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