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Ultimate Pen

パブリッシャー: Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC
価格: 19.99 USD


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Ultimate Pen is unique, creative software that allows you to draw on top of most applications. Think of Ultimate Pen as an incredibly easy way to annotate and doodle on your computer screen – and you don’t have to buy any special hardware.

Ultimate Pen is a favorite among educators who use its drawing and highlighting features to actively engage students and to emphasize lecture concepts.

Ultimate Pen creates a full screen, transparent window on your computer screen allowing you draw on just about anything. You can add notes, draw shapes, make comments, or paste illustrations directly onto the screen. Use Ultimate Pen with a mouse, or, for even more control, use Ultimate Pen with a drawing tablet to take advantage of the tablet’s pressure sensitivity to modify the thickness or opacity of your drawings.

Once you've finished drawing, take a full screen screenshot, select part of the screen and grab only that, or copy your drawing to the clipboard for use in another app. Ultimate Pen's unique Click-Through Mode makes your drawing float on top of the screen even as you access and use other applications.

NOTE: Currently Ultimate Pen does NOT work on top of Keynote or PowerPoint while they are in presentation mode.

Note: If you experience a Hash Mismatch error when trying to update from Ultimate Pen v1.5 Apple recommends that you delete the App from your computer (should be in the Applications folder) and then launch the App Store and re-install the app. If that does not resolve the issue contact Apple Support directly.


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