Virtual Pet Elephant

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Adopt the largest mammal on earth with the Virtual Pet Elephant! Play games, dress up in funny outfits, and forage for food to keep your elephant happy and healthy!

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Game Features
+ INTERACTIVE 3D ELEPHANT - This impressive pachyderm is at your command with beautiful tusks, a powerful trunk, and more!
+ DOZENS OF ACTIVITIES - Forage for some tasty vegetation, learn about your elephant, pet it's trunk, and even play dress-up!
+ CARE FOR YOUR PET - Look after your elephant's well-being by managing four different stats: Hunger, Thirst, Health, and Happiness!
+ CUSTOMIZE YOUR ELEPHANT - Pick your favorite colors, add a funky hat, and even name your new pet!
+ BEAUTIFUL SAVANNA - Behold your elephant's gorgeous 3D home in the virtual savanna!
+ HD GRAPHICS - Stunning High Definition graphics look so real you'll fall in love with your elephant at first sight!

Download Virtual Pet Elephant and control the largest mammal roaming the Earth today!

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