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パブリッシャー: Silviu Marian Stoican
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We have the same desktop since the beginning of OSX and it's time for a change. WallBot Video is a simple-to-use menu bar app that will revive your desktop with high resolution videos that can be set as wallpapers.

Videos as wallpapers, that's right!


● Multiple categories:
Select your wallpaper from multiple categories and use that category for further automatic changes. Each category has at least 200 high quality videos from where to choose and the average is 400 videos. You can also edit categories

● More like the ones you like:
An algorithm was integrated to find and display more video wallpapers like the ones you like

● Multi-monitor support:
You can change video wallpaper on each display or just use one for all your connected displays

● Shortcut categories:
Pick your favorite videos or last used videos from a separate list and use them as video wallpapers.

● Slide to preview:
On the video thumbnail you can move the mouse left-right in order to preview the video before selecting it.

● Playback speed:
You can change playback speed between paused and 2x with just one click.

● Automatic change:
Select a time period to change the wallpaper. Select from values like hourly, daily, etc, with the default set to daily.

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