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Real Gunship Combat Surgical Strike 3D

パブリッシャー: RLA Secret Solutions
価格: トップ無料


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ダウンロードランキング - Windows Phone - 米国




Real Gunship Combat Surgical Strike 3D puts in the gunner seat of most powerful army helicopter. Arm your chopper with multiple assault as well as sniper guns. Complete challenging missions strategically to clear the area from brutal enemies. Game consists of different battle areas each with different scenarios. You are supposed to kill all enemies with powerful and destructive guns. Take on snipers, heavy weapon specialists, tanks, helicopters and more! You are an assassin shooter hired to infiltrate secure regions. Be frontline gunship commando and fight until you are victorious.
How to Play:
- Tap on fire to shoot located at right bottom of your mobile.
- Tap on zoom to take a close look at enemy.
- Switch between guns by tapping on switch just near to fire button.
- Kill enemies to accomplish objectives.
- Don’t forget to reload when reload sign appears on the screen.
- You can reload by tapping on top right button of mobile.
- Keep any eye on remaining guns bullets use them carefully.

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