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WordsUp is a fun and challenging word game for between 2 and 4 players. Take it in turns to add letter tiles to the game board to form words and score as many points as you can -- but unlike other word games, WordsUp lets you stack tiles on top of others, changing the words that are on the board to form new words. The higher the stacks of tiles get, the more points you will score.

You can play against the computer (with four different skill levels) or against other human players ("hot seat"/"pass and play"), or against others over the internet. Can you score the most points and become the WordsUp champion?

Game features:

* Support for up to four players, including any mix of human and computer players.
* Four computer difficulty levels from "beginner" to "expert" for a real challenge.
* Play against others over the internet. Network games are easy to set up with no registration required.
* Manage multiple games simultaneously -- put one game on hold and begin another whenever you like.
* Informative game interface with easy to see information about what each player did on their turn.
* Full support for "hot seat"/"pass and play" multi-player games -- each player's tiles will be hidden as the next player prepares to play.
* WordsUp is a "universal" app -- buy for Windows 8 and the Windows Phone version is included too.
* Fully-featured trial mode -- all game functions and options are available for you to try.

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