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Sniper Kill Assassin

パブリッシャー: Uk Arts Games
価格: トップ無料


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ダウンロードランキング - x86 - 米国




Sniper Killer Assassin is threat eliminating mission. Sniper assassin rescues hostages. Shooter aims taking shots assassinating escaping enemies. Criminal gangsters took hostages and demand for ransom. Police have arrived to location but situation got out of control. Police called sniper special force of commandos to handle the situation and eliminate targets. They must not escape.
Sniper Killer Assassin from commando force have come. He needs to take shots of criminal gangsters and let hostages escape. Hostages are on target so you must be careful. On your first shot, enemy criminal shooters becomes alert and try to kill hostages. You must not give them chance to hurt hostages. You have an unlimited stock of ammo with you. Shoot as much fires as you can to eliminate targets and complete objective. Do not let criminals and gangsters escape.
Sniper killer Assassin is multi levelled challenging action commando game. Free to download and 3D graphics this game comes with addictive gameplay and thrilling fun to play. Shooting becomes more challenging in higher levels. Targets are hard to shoot and equipped with high calibre pistols and guns. Police will facilitate you during game to take perfect shots.
Game is developed with keen interest to make users love it with all the nice controls, amazing gameplay and thrilling background music. Spend time playing it and you can become shoot master. Game is memory optimized for smooth playing on smart phones and tablets. Join your mates in duty and complete objectives. Enjoy taking the perfect shots not missing any targets.

How to play
Swipe controls for aiming
Shoot buttons for assassination

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