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Sniper Strike Heroes Target

パブリッシャー: Skippy Apps Pty Ltd
価格: トップ無料


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ダウンロードランキング - x86 - 米国




In Sniper Strike 3D-Heroes Target, lone sniper from the army battalion, becomes a local hero to start a war against crime. Edwin is known for his deadly kill shot that pierces through the air, zooming in on the target! The mafia league consisting of the most wanted gangsters of all time. This is an epic battle taking place between good and evil, heroes and criminals. The crime alliance has plagued your city with larceny and have thwarted all attempts made by the government to bring them down. Edwin is the only hope for the city and it is his duty to lead the war against crime. Edwin has been trained in the ways of the ancient assassins, with teachings to be terse in his missions and duty, going only for head-shots right in the skull and not messing around with body shots! With Edwin's visual acuity, oblivious to the harsh winter, unparalleled experience in the army, the ability to obscure himself in the surrounding, he takes ponderous breathe before starting his deadly assault. He is the white knight of his city and this is his time to prove it! This criminal have been torturing his city with their atrocious larceny. Not only does he have the fate of the whole city resting on his shoulders but also being the master assassin of his white knight clan, he has to live upto his title!

Sniper Strike 3D-Heroes Target is built with realistic HD graphics, this game is bound to take you for the ride of your life and make you in charge and asks you to do your duty! Equipped with a realistic army marksman physics, you will see your rifle moving up and down due to your heavy breathing, making it difficult to lock on a target. A marksman rifle has been simulated in the game with bolt, reload and shoot animations and their proper timings. The enemies are intelligent, the moment you fire, they will run for cover and attack you when you are unwary. The game visualizes their bullets piercing through the air, coming in for the assault. The enemies will also run for cover to evade your bullets and obliterate your existence. As you cut down the resistance with your unparalleled skills, you are eventually going to meet the most wanted crime boss. Don't have mercy, cut him down! If you are lucky enough to get a head-shot, the game will reward you with an action camera replay of the bullet piercing through the air, going towards the target's skull, scoring a head-shot, just like old army times!

Sniper Strike 3D-Heroes Target offers two game modes, a campaign mode and an endless mode. In the campaign mode, you perform your duty and move through the hideout killing every last enemy in his way. While in the endless mode, you grab your assassin's rifle, brace yourself for the winter and kill enemies as they come in an insane sniper strike killing experience!

How to Play:
- Drag your finger on the screen to aim
- Press the scope button to aim at the enemy
- Press the fire button to shoot
- Select mission type in mission selection screen

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