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Symphony of Eternity

가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

A young man and a golem traveling around the world seeking a legendary weapon, one day rescue a girl from an attack by monsters.
The girl tells them she is a royal princess, and that her family has been destroyed in a coup. She says she wants to travel together with them.
But where is the legendary weapon they seek?
This is the start of their journey, and of their intertwined destiny!
- Exciting Story
The quests of the hero ranging across the whole world, a coup in the kingdom… these are just some of the many events and interactions which make up this epic story.
There is an amazing outcome waiting for you, too!
- Quirky characters
A whole range of lively, comical and emotional characters make their appearances in the game.
Don't miss their appearances as they fight, each with their own purpose!
- Enjoy flashy battles
The characters use many and various skills.
You can enjoy a variety of flashy and engaging battles.
The controls are simple and easy to learn, too!
- Comfortable playing
If you like simplicity, you'll love the auto-battle system featured in this game.
Everything can be controlled smoothly from the touch screen.
Enjoy comfortable, stress-free play!
- Beautiful graphics
The game features high quality WVGA graphics, and also supports output to a high-definition monitor.
Immerse yourself in the beautifully-rendered world of the game.
- Foster
'I want to be able to increase attack power', 'I like a character with staying power'... if this is how you feel, this game is for you.
You can nurture your character as you like, by allocating points however you want to.
Enjoy fostering your very own character with unique strengths!
(This app has generally been tested to work on any mobile device released in Japan. We cannot guarantee support on other devices.)

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