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Learn Portuguese by Tudo Bem Portuguese

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앱 설명

Learn Portuguese by Tudo Bem Portuguese makes learning Portuguese easy and fun. It contains 76 lessons based on real life situations, high-quality audio by native speakers, adaptive quizzing algorithm for efficiency, and progress tracking. It's usable without an Internet connection.
The lessons include Greetings, Social Etiquette, How Are You?, Meeting People, Subject Pronouns, Talking About Languages, Family, Family (Relatives), Describing People, Colors, Colors II, Ser vs Estar, Numbers (0-10), Numbers (11-20), Numbers (20-100), Numeros (100-1,000,000), Ordinal Numbers, Days of the Week, Months and Seasons, Telling Time, Parts of the Body, Parts of the Body II, The Face, The Hand, Animals, Animals (Others), Clothes, Clothes Accessories, Prepositions, Grammar Terms, Idiomatic Verb Phrases, Idiomatic Prepositional Phrases, False Friends, Food, Fruits and Vegetables, Weather and Climate, Ordering at a Restaurant, Ordering in a Restaurant II, At the Airport, At the Hotel, Travel and Transportation, Directions, Going Shopping, Going Shopping II, Emergencies, Emergencies II, Health and Medical, Let's Go to the Beach, Sightseeing, Post Office, Nacionalidades, Countries, Jobs and Professions, Jobs and Professions II, Computers and Internet, Sports, At the Office, Business, Business II, Banking and Finance, Love and Romance, Internal Organs, Medications, Treatments, Diseases and Conditions, School, In the Kitchen, In the Bathroom, In the Bedroom, Cleaning House, Maternity and Baby, In the Living Room, Tools and Fixing the House, Religion, News and Politics, and Entertainment.

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