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Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool for Android

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앱 설명

102 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks in 5 Sizes
Simple Cutting Charts
Helpful Reference Tables
Now available for Android!
C&T Publishing unveils a new era in quilt making with the Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool for Android, an innovative application for planning quilt blocks!
This application features rotary-cutting directions for over 500 options for making traditional quilt blocks, plus bonus reference tables every quilter needs.
The Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool for Android is so useful, versatile, and portable, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!
• 102 most-popular pieced blocks in 5 sizes each, with design details and construction diagrams
• Find cutting instructions at your fingertips with our quick and easy rotary-cutting charts and indexes in the Guide Section!
• Helpful reference tables, such as yardage requirements, diagonal measurements, and more
• User-friendly instructions and a complete block index and grid index
• It’s the ultimate no-math reference guide for quilters!
• Create your own index of favorites
• Zoom in on piecing diagrams for crystal clear viewing
Based on the best-selling Quick & Easy Block Tool.
Check out for quilt and sewing patterns from leading designers you can download right now.
Reviews for the original Quick & Easy Block Tool:
Craft & Needlework Age Magazine innovative concept in planning quilt blocks!...
Patti Ives, The Appliqué Society Newsletter
...has a lot of information...This would make a wonderful gift for the beginner quilter...
New Zealand Quilter
This handy new pocket sized Quick and Easy Block designed for quilters who want to make a block a different size. Cutting instructions in five different sizes for 102 blocks...Additional useful information includes sizes for setting triangles and corner alignment for piecing shapes making this an ideal reference for beside your sewing machine..
Quilts With Style
The Block Tool is a useful deck of "cards" that picture a quilt block along with rotary cutting measurements to make it in different sizes… Introduce quilting to children while you design quilts together using these cards. Fun for all ages.
Quilters Newsletter Magazine
What a lot of information packed into one little package!

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