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Nyan Cat!

퍼블리셔: Marc Ellis
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

BLAST into space on a brand new interstellar adventure guaranteed to blow you out of this universe! Nyan Cat! is the official mobile application of Nyan Cat designed by the creator of the brand new internet sensation, Nyan Cat!
Fly freely through space painting the stars with your rainbow of happiness in Nyan-Stop mode. Dodge asteroids, aliens, and the dreaded toaster dog in Sky Attack mode. Chill out in a giant comet, dodging icicles on the way in Space Cave mode. Ride a rainbow star stream away from a supernova in Rainbow Ride mode. Freely move Nyan Cat around with easy and responsive touch controls to make beautiful ripples and waves with his rainbow tail. See which of your friends is the biggest Nyan Cat fan with Game Center leaderboards! Take a break from your day and get some encouragement from Lovebot. Check out our super cute, retro game style graphics! Can you unlock all four achievements?? It's all happiness, rainbows, and clear starry nights here on Nyan Cat!

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