Transformers G1 Collectors Checklist

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앱 설명

Are you a collector or all things Transformers? -Specifically Generation 1 Toys? Then this app was designed for you. This app is loaded with all the toy lines distributed during the years 1984-1990. This app was designed to help you with every step of completing your collection. It is pre-populated with more than 370 figures. You can easily add, delete, set alarms, make notes, sort, and more. Features include: Features include: - Add/Delete Lists- Duplicate Old Lists so you don't have to start over- Add New Tasks - Add New Items- Delete Unwanted Items- Set Alarms to remind yourself of items you still need to do- Add Notes for more clarification- Set a Priority to items (High, Medium, Low) - Edit the Names of Items- Sort Your Lists Alphabetically or by Priority (Menu Item).

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