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앱 설명

Football Live TV Schedule App is here!
The top TV Schedule Guide for Live Football / Soccer matches across different live stream channels across the world.
Although this is not a Live Football streaming service yet, our app will help you to find the best way to watch LIVE Football on TV, and football live stream channels in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.
Think of us like your favourite live football tv schedule app for Android - ideal to find the best way to watch football live and your favourite streaming channel.
Live Football On TV is a new Android App dedicated solely to providing the user with the most up to date and extensive in depth listings of Live Football scheduling On Television Channels in the UK & Ireland, including Live Premiership Football, live coverage of European domestic leagues such as La Liga and Serie A, Live Champions League Football television listings, Live International Football on TV and much more.
Our soccer match live On TV app guide service is updated daily and please note that although we are not a streaming soccer matches service yet, our goal is to bring you the best guide possible to schedule all the football events you plan to watch with our live football schedule app.
Older version App: If you preferred the old app version you can still get it here.
• Get a free lifetime promo code for the Pro app if you help translate: link
• v2.0 is newly released as beta, so please report any issues.
Pro / Lite features comparison:
✔ Pro: Ads Free
X Lite: Ad Supported
✔ Pro: Settings/Preferences to configure what leagues you want shown.
X Lite: Limited preferences options.
✔ Pro: 50+ Leagues worldwide (and growing).
X Lite: Limited leagues.
✔ Pro: Homescreen Widgets 4x2, 4x3 and 4x4 sizes.
X Lite: No Homescreen Widgets.
✔ Pro: League filter to search for preferred league.
X Lite: No League filter
✔ Pro: Extra match info for venue, season, match-week.
X Lite: No Extra match info
✔ Pro: Favorite team selection (In development).
X Lite: No Favorite team options
✔ Pro: League Tables for all major leagues.
X Lite: No League Tables
✔ Pro: Fast support times.
X Lite: Delayed support times.
Our Pro version for Android offers a soccer match live guide and supports all the following leagues while the lite version has limited leagues and features channels and schedules.
NEW: ✔ 2018 World Cup Qualifying
✔ UEFA Champions League
✔ UEFA Europa League
✔ Ireland (Premier League)
✔ Northern Ireland (Premiership).
✔ English Premier League
✔ English Championship
✔ English League One + Two
✔ Spanish La Liga
✔ Italian Serie A
✔ German Bundesliga
✔ International Games
✔ Scottish Premier League
✔ Welsh League.
✔ Reserves & Youth Football (English)
✔ English Non League
✔ Netherlands/Dutch League (Eredivisie)
✔ French Ligue 1 & 2
✔ US Major League Soccer
✔ Danish 1st Division
✔ Polish Ekstraklasa League
✔ Ukraine Premier League
✔ Russia Premier League
✔ Portuguese Primeira Liga
✔ Swedish Allsvenskan
✔ Portuguese Primeira Liga
✔ Czech Republic 1. League
✔ Romanian Liga 1
✔ Croatian 1 HNL
✔ Swiss Axpo Super League
✔ Japanese J1 League
✔ Brazilian Serie A - Brasileirao
✔ Argentine Primera Division
✔ Mexico Primera League
✔ Australian A-League
✔ New Zealand ASB Prem
✔ World Cup 2014 Qualifiers
✔ Polish Ekstraklasa League
✔ Greek SuperLeague
✔ Cyprus First Division
✔ Copa Libertadores
✔ Dutch Eredivisie League
✔ Belgian Pro League
✔ Norwegian Tippeligaen
✔ Turkish Super Lig
✔ Chinese Super League
✔ Brazilian Serie B
✔ Korea Rep K-League
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