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Touch Bible Loaded (Audio Bible)

퍼블리셔: Patrick Franklin
가격: 4.99 USD

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앱 설명

Touch Bible Loaded reads the bible to you and gives you 60,000 incredible study notes, many English Bibles that all work offline (NET & KJV + more), Strongs Concordance features and more! The built in 1 year reading plan and the speech features make it easier than ever to finally read through the entire Bible. BIBLE READER. Let Touch Bible read to you. Start from any verse, or stop reading to review a study note (most, but not all android devices support this. Requires TTS engine. See DIAL-A-VERSE. Press the bible button for the unique way Touch Bible lets you get around scriptures. Shake your device for a random verse (on Kindle Fire HD and later devices or Android 4.0 or later.) STUDY CONTENT. There are 60,000 NET Bible study notes, Strong Definitions from multiple combined lexicons, an online Study Wiki and map, and Easton book definitions built into Touch Bible Loaded. MULTI-VERSION. See two versions of the Bible at one time. Perfect for seeing the KJV and the NET study materials together. MORE. Touch Bible is the app to study & share the Bible because it brings you: -- Verses Unplugged --
Introducing Verses Unplugged. It means Touch Bible does not require the internet or data plans to read scripture! It includes 4 Bibles, pre-installed, ready to go.
-- Dial-a-Verse --
Accessing the Bible without a keyboard. "Dial-a-Verse" makes finding passages easy. Pick the exact version / book / chapter / verse combo right on the screen.
-- Know-a-Verse --
Touch Bible Loaded includes 60,000+ inline study notes in the New English Translation and Strong Concordance features. Many lexicon and Easton's Book definitions are linked to words in the KJV. Connected devices can find more study materials under the Extra button. More Info about Know-a-Verse at the end of this description!
-- Multi-Version --
A powerful study tool is reading two versions at the same time, side by side. With Multi-Version in Touch Bible you can do just that. Not only can you read two versions, you can also have access to the features of the version you are reading. For example, open both the NET and the KJV to have instant access - only a click away - to NET notes and Strong Definitions.
-- Overview Features --
- Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview and OT and NT restrictions
- Readability - spread out words, adjustable font sizes
- Bookmarks - Click the verse number and that verse is bookmarked for quick access later.
- Switch to "Night Mode" for reading in low light situations.
- Keep study notes, even while you read!
-- Translations & Study, Built In --
Touch Bible has many fantastic english translations built in, including the incredible New English Translation and the trusted King James. Four Bibles are *built in* so you'll never need the internet to read from Touch Bible.
- NET - New English Translation (modern english) with 10K study notes
- KJV - King James Version
- More Versions - Four in total, All Free!
-- Knowing Know-a-Verse --
Strong's definitions combine a mix of the following into one meaty resource
-Strong's Lexicons (Greek and Hebrew)
-Brown, Driver, Briggs Lexicon (BDB)
-Theological Word Book of the O.T.
-Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary
NET includes over 60,000 inline foot notes. They include everything from alternate wording to insights on prophecy and ancient culture!

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