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Challenging Questions Made Easy

퍼블리셔: Omnipresent Education Pvt Ltd
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 4.99 USD

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앱 설명

Promotional offer: For limited time: only $ 4.99, 75 % off regular price $ 19.99
This app is first of its kind to help you become expert at answering challenging questions during Step 2 CS exam.
As you know, Step 2 CS exam has three sub-components.
1. Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE)
2. Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS)
3. Spoken English Proficiency
This unique app makes you expert at Communication and Interpersonal skills. This app presents 101 frequently encountered challenging questions/situations in exactly the way it is presented in actual exam. It has four different categories under which you will practice 101 questions.

1.In the Beginning of patient encounter: You will enjoy learning different challenging questions/situations encountered in the beginning of case. Such as,
- How to do counseling of mother of 2 year old boy when epistaxis does not stop and she is worried about his son?
- What would I do if patient ask to turn off light?
- How to take history from crying patients?
- And many more…
2.In the middle of patient encounter
- How to do counseling when patient ask for pain medicine?
- How to elicit history from victim of Domestic Violence or Elder Abuse?
- How to answer whether patient can go to work or school when he is ill?
- And many more…
3.During physical examination
- When patient asks for pain medicines and refuse to allow physical examination (PE).
- When patient yelled at you during physical examination what is next step?
- How to finish PE when patient refused to participate and asked you to get X-ray?
- And many more…
4.During closure:
- When patient insists to prescribe medicines for weight loss when you think it is not indicated.
- When patient refuses to be admitted when you think it is indicated.
- When patient can’t afford surgery and ask for only medicines for treatment when you think surgery is indicated.
- And many more…
Helpful features for students:
- Score will be displayed to assess your performance
- All 101 questions have relevant explanation after answer.
- Sound – on/off option, to make is more enjoyable
- Review tab to review all 101 questions with answer and explanations
Disclaimer: is not affiliated with USMLE(full name) or NBME(full name). Patient's names are for educational purpose and there is no relation with any living persons.

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