Kids Jigsaw Puzzle

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앱 설명

** Try before buy: download the Lite version and see for yourself - children will love it. The Lite Version consists in 6 puzzles to try before you by the full version.
** How many puzzles?
We offer 30 beautifully illustrated, intuitive jigsaw puzzle game for kids age 3+
** Why Kids Jigsaw Puzzle?
1. Begin your fun with simple 12-pieces jigsaw puzzles and finish with complex 25-pieces ones;
2. Great variety of themes to be discovered : farm, forest, ocean, space, jungle ,desert, animals, pirates, circus, Indians, dinosaurs, safari and kids everyday activity puzzles;
3. Easy and user friendly interface , specifically designed for young kids;
4. Possibility to go forward to the next puzzle or to come back and surf the entire gallery;
5. The pieces do not overlap; they appear gradually on the screen one after the other. The parent can choose to have one, two or three pieces at the same time on the screen.(Available on Settings, before starting the game);
6. Light and cheerful background music that can be switch on/off anytime by the kid;
7. Cheerful greetings when the puzzle is completed;
8. There is an option giving you the possibility of smooth precision adjustment. Beginning with low precision setting, a child will be able to drop a piece of a jigsaw puzzle away from its right place and it will be automatically adjusted to the correct position. At the high precision setting, a child will have to operate with precision in order to fix the puzzle pieces in their places. (Available Settings , before starting the game);
9. Great way of developing perceptive skills in young children
This application will help your child develop skills such as:
- perception,
- concentration,
- memory,
at the same time offering many hours of great fun!
You might come to like it yourself... and your child will definitely love it!
** How it's working?
Kids Jigsaw Puzzle is the classical jigsaw puzzle that many children have used at home or school. The puzzle designs include animals, ocean and farm scenes, kids, space themes, pirates, dinosaurs, safari, Indians.
The puzzle works very easily, the pieces of the puzzle appear in the right side of the window and need to be inserted in the right place to build the picture.The child drags it to where he thinks it belongs. If he is wrong, he get to try again. Every puzzle piece he places triggers a silly sound effect. An exit arrow on the bottom right brings you back to the selection menu.When the puzzle is finished in the top right corner an arrow appears and take you to the next puzzle.
The bells on the top right corner in the selection menu let you turn on/off the music.
After a brief tutorial session with your toddler, the app will be simple enough for him to operate alone.
The puzzles range in difficulty. Easier ones feature 12 pieces, while more complex ones require 25 pieces. The puzzle pieces are perfectly suited for a child’s tiny fingers.
** Problems with the app?
If you have problems running the software on your particular device, please contact us via email and we will try to help!
** Suggestions or Issues?
We are interested in improving our game in order to meet your requests. Therefore any suggestions or issues are welcomed at
We will do our best to give a prompt response.
** Information:
Runs on both phones and tablets with Android version 2.1 or higher.

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