Ming Zhu San Guo HD

퍼블리셔: Pearlinpalm
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Based on historical Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China, play as a heroic character and explore the mainland full of mystery, challenge, and endless adventure with varies miraculous fields spanning from desert to sea Tons of challenging and addictive quests are waiting for you. Not only enjoy players leveling-up, killing monsters, but also dungeons and different type of PvP battles. Moreover, if your role cannot help loving your friend’s, come to marry with him/her. Not satisfied with current equipment?Well, smith your own unique equipment and enhance your own character abilities! Also, you will get the surprised gifts in the game, it’s real amazing. Be a Warrior, Assassin, Wizard or Priest? All is up to you! There are four specific attributes of each game character: strength, intelligence, agility and stamina. Each character is strong in one attribute or two: Warrior, strength or stamina; Assassin, agility; Wizard, intelligence; and Priest, intelligence or stamina. Don’t looking forward a better understand any more, Choose your favorite and get started!

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