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앱 설명

Tagesschau App gives you easy access to all news bulletins of Germany’s most trusted newscast – Tagesschau. Among our most popular offerings is Tagesschau in 100 seconds, the eight o’clock news and both late news shows. There are also reports and interviews covering the most important topics of the hour, additional content from our news only TV channel tagesschau24 and - the weather report.
Whether you watch us on your mobile device or via set top box – you decide, when to explore the news of Tagesschau.
If you use Tagesschau App on your smartphone or tablet device, you can also read everything our online department published. Stay in touch with all major national and international news stories.
Never miss a breaking news development again - make use of our news alerts. For discussions with other users, get connected with our debate platform Check how much you really know about current events – take a quiz!
Usage of Tagesschau’s App is free of charge. However, your mobile phone carrier may charge you extra, particularly if you watch a lot of our videos on the go. The latter may also drain your mobile data flat rates.
If you have access to Wi-Fi you can utilize our Download2Go feature to save all the App’s content on your mobile device.
You can reach us via e-mail:

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