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앱 설명

Fast, powerful offline Spanish - French dictionary.
The leading Dictionary and Translator for Android * Selling over 500,000 dictionary apps * More than 34,000 translation pairs * Integrated Google Translate * Phrases & Synonyms * No internet connection required (except Google Translate)
BitKnights makes quality apps for people who love or use languages. That's why we have been developing this app for 5 years now, and will continue to do so in the future. Our dictionary is an easy to use, lightning fast, user friendly dictionary with a huge database. Lightning fast translates from english to czech and czech to english.
• Voice pronunciation
• Voice input
• 34,000+ translation pairs
• Quick search while typing (accentuation independent)
• Detailed view with PHRASES tapping on the words
• Word-tap: you can tap on any word in the detailed view, to find its translations
• Copy/paste
• Google translate integration
• Recents and Favorites
• Color schemes

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