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PDF Reader/Viewer - Pro

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앱 설명

Offline Java PDF Reader for Android mobile phones / tablets based application!
Supports English and Arabic PDF files. Supports document outlines, user bookmarks and much more in one program.
Fast, high fidelity rendering of PDF documents. Search results highlighted on screen.
Bookmarks Feature:
-- Remembers your last page
-- Add personal bookmarks
-- Navigate with document outline
Advanced User Interface:
-- Multi-touch pinch-to-zoom
-- Double tap to fit to screen width (great on tablets!)
-- Continuous page view for easy scrolling
Advanced Features of this Reader:
-- Support for encrypted / password protected files.
-- Can read both English and Arabic PDF files with standard view.
-- You can easily switch format from Arabic to English and English to Arabic from Menu option in this App.
-- Quickly navigate through large files using thumbnails.
-- Use bookmarks to jump directly to a section in your PDF file.
-- Easily pinch zooms in on text or images for a closer view.
* Our PDF reader / PDF viewer works on all Android devices 2.1 or higher versions.

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