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四字熟語パネルゲーム 漢字タッチ4x4

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앱 설명

"KANJI Touch 4x4" is a game which touches the panel of the Chinese character arranged at random, and completes a 4-character idiom.
Since this application has a function which will read out if an idiom is completed, and displays a meaning, it is useful for the study of an idiom.
You can check the idiom to worry at your pace using the function of an idiom list.
High-score Mode offers the function in which a score is added by the difficulty and correctness of the idiom which made it complete.
Quickly and correctly, let's complete an idiom and aim at a high score!
The newly added Category Mode is a function which completes an idiom and clears a subject in regulation time.
Let's aim at completion of all the stages.
(The present number of inclusion idioms is 400 words.)
We recommend you download in Wi-Fi environment.
•android 5.0. not compatible

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