Camera HD (Kindle Tablet Edition)

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"Love the zoom feature and video options. Very happy with this app." - Justhotdeals (5/5 stars)
100% SPYWARE FREE - Where other cameras have the potential to collect your files, AND EVEN VIEW YOUR IMAGES! Camera HD has zero permissions, and has no access to your device, because we value your safety.
Features: Zoom | White Balance: Auto, Incandescent, Daylight, Fluorescent, Cloudy | 6 Exposure Levels | Scene Mode: Auto, Action, Night, Sunset, Party | Location Aware | Adjustable Picture Size | Time Lapse Video | Panoramic Photo Mode | Sharing and more. Why pay more than you need for a photo/video app.
Exclusively for Kindle HD tablets. Zero permissions. Check out the FREE Camera Visual Guide in the app store for help on how to use all Kindle HD cameras.

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