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Mochi Mori

퍼블리셔: marge
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Let rise in a "Mochi Mori" the New Year of 2013!
"Mochi Mori" is a game that aims to master of KAGAMI MOCHI possess a good balance of fresh rice cake.
[ How to play ]
The rice cake is made, so fly upwards, I would be caught in the tray was falling!
The rice cake is shifted immediately after the catch, because the rice cake a little bounce, and moved quickly.
Be careful about overlapping stacked rice cake, balance becomes unstable!
[ What is master of KAGAMI MOCHI ]
It is a craftsman who has mastered the KAGAMI MOCHI is a traditional Japanese culture handed down from ancient times.
Although often KAGAMI MOCHI typical stacked mochi in two or three stages, put oranges on it, make KAGAMI MOCHI stage 50 and become certified KAGAMI MOCHI to stage 10, a skilled and at least in the hands of professional KAGAMI MOCHI.
In recent years, the lack of a successor has been aggravated by the release of the youth should be noted that rice cake.

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