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FOCUS Online - News: The fast news app

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앱 설명

The free FOCUS Online News app provides you with up-to-date news and comprehensive service at any time.
Latest news from politics, sports, finance, culture, digital, health and many other topics, as well as sustainable service, picture galleries and videos make the app complete.
The highlights of the app:
✔ You will receive urgent messages immediately by push message
✔ Push messages are adjustable to your favorite topic
✔ Goal alarm configurable to your favorite soccer club or to a single game
✔ Liveticker to sports events such as football and Formula One
✔ Location-based weather prediction
✔ Comment articles and read comments from other users
✔ Configure the order of topics on the home page
✔ Comprehensive video offer from all topics
✔ When internet connection is slow, the app shows an optimized layout so that you remain well-informed even under unfavorable conditions
✔ Widget for the Homescreen so that the latest news can be seen directly on the home screen
Download the app now.
We are looking forward to your feedback, as well as suggestions and appreciate your opinion very much. Please write us an email to
This app is in German.

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