Genius Eitango 2200

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앱 설명

Genius Eitango 2200 is a test prep app for all English learners who want to improve their vocabulary. The app contains 2200 words that are frequently used in University entrance exams in Japan. The app is also helpful for those preparing TOEIC, TOEFL or any other English related tests. With this app, you can study 2200 words in multi-way; -Flash Cards Tap on the text to show/hide the English/Japanese. Phrase examples let you understand the situations the words would be used. Play pronunciation to improve your listening skills. Mastering words with apps is way faster than it used to be with books. -Quiz Take quiz to know how well you understand the words. The app keeps track of correct/wrong answers so you can review what trends of words you are weak at and need to brush up. -Study Scheduler Make plan with Study Scheduler. Enter how many words you wish to master by when. The app will help you to study as planned.

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