Bluetooth Power Toggle+

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앱 설명

Power button double-click turns Bluetooth on/off. No need to unlock your device to toggle Bluetooth. Works with secure and simple unlock patterns. No ads. USAGE NOTES: 1) "auto-turn off on disconnect" feature is only supported when only one Bluetooth device is connected at the same time. In case of multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time, BT will turn off as soon as the first BT device disconnects. 2) 0.75sec max between clicks, otherwise double-click won't register. Power button double-click works only when device is locked. 3) Lucky SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 users can take advantage of "toggle BT on app launch" feature by adding the app to lock screen via Settings -> Security -> Lock Screen Options -> Shortcuts -> + -> Select BluetoothPowerToggle. Some HTC phones with HTC Sense 4.0+ UI like HTX One X can also do that by adding the app icon to launcher menu bar. 4) NFC not supported on some devices.

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