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앱 설명

TouchTheTouch is a FREE flash vision (peripheral vision + instant judgment) training game.
Touch the randomly placed panels in order. The amount of time until all the panels are touched is measured.
With abundant types of panels, challenge the limits of your flash vision!
[How to play]
1. Select game type and level of difficulty from the home screen.
2. Touch the Start button at the lower-center to start the game.
3. Touch the randomly placed panels in order.
4. Once you touch all the panels, the game is over.
5. The amount of time from the start to the end of the game is registered for the local rankings.
6. Not only are times on Android devices registered in the world rankings, but so are those on iPhone/iPod/iPad !
Now challenge real world rankings that are not limited to the iPhone!
[Game types]
TouchTheTouch has many game boards, and various types of training and challenges are available with this one app.
- 2x2 Numbers (1 to 4)
- 5x5 Numbers (1 to 25)
- 5x5 Alphabet (A to Z)
- 7x7 Hiragana (あ to ん)
- The panel to be touched next is shown on the upper-left corner
- The top 10 scores are saved
- Your top score can be registered in the world rankings
- There are two levels of game difficulty to select from.
- Easy: The panels you touch vanish away. It is easier to find the panel towards the end.
- Normal: Regular game play. The panels you touch don't vanish. The difficulty of finding a panel doesn't change towards the end.
-Sound effects can be switched On/Off.
Achieve glory and praise as a Touch master!
Touch with steady effort and passion!

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