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Falling Coins

퍼블리셔: marge
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Take action exhilarating spree taking taking a coin!
Collect the coins more than anyone else in the world to use an umbrella!
"I came to the large hole of the legendary..."
The man arrived in the large hole that had been written in the ancient texts.
Large hole in its infinite coins that sleeping According to the information.
The man with the umbrella and dive into the large hole that the aim of this coin.
[How to play]
Let's take a coin to operate the main character in the left and right buttons!
It's game over I fell on the needle.
Let's go ahead and avoid obstacles successfully open the umbrella.
If you continue to open the umbrella, umbrella meter at the top of the screen is reduced but
I'll will not be able to open an umbrella meter goes to zero.
Open the umbrella by driblets meter with time because the recovery is the trick!
A certain period of time, all things on the screen to take a magic coin shining
I'll get the chance to win coins at once changed into coins!

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