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uPods - Podcast Player

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앱 설명

Forget heavy and expensive applications with a plenty of unuseful features. uPods make all job done for you. Collect your podcasts and listen them with our powerful media player. We are sure that you'll find our playlists more than comfortable.
Maybe you want to transfer podcasts to PC or other device? It's not a problem, we keep it in an ordered way on the phone's disk. Just copy folder with nice sorted podcasts files to needed device. Don't want to download? Our streaming option allow you to listen to all episodes of selected podcast without download any files! Simply select necessary episode and you'll get all podcast feed in your playlist, you don't need search for them in whole app. Just enjoy of auto-generated easy to use playlist!
Need to find some podcast? Try out our iTunes based search!
Access to all iTunes podcasts directly from your Android phone! Just click search button and get fifty most interesting results! Don't know what exactly you search? We brought to you hundreds most popular podcasts built in! Choose category from menu and get access to the best podcasts in the world! Moreover no longer need to check for updates in your Favorites, uPods will do it for you! Simply select update interval and you'll get all last episodes exactly in a time.

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