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Crucidroid - italian crosswords

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앱 설명

Crucidroid was purposely developed for Android devices and will let you play with more than 400 crossword puzzles in italian language, with varying difficulties, and of various types (not many puzzle games let you do this!):
• classic (with black squares)
• barred
• syllabic (if you don't know them… try it!)
• diagramless (for the best solutors)
• giant puzzles (like classic, but bigger)
In addition to what should be granted, like autosaving, rotation and pinch zoom, there are many other features like:
• clue sharing to get help from friends
• hints (reveal tiles, show errors)
• TWO reduced dedicated keyboards, also for smaller screens
• support for hardware keyboard
• filtering puzzles we don't like or we have solved
• …or resetting them and let a friend play to see who gets the highest score
• an online leaderboard to make solving puzzles exciting with your smartphone or tablet
• being a native Android app, it gets to be pretty lightweight and smooth!
The crosswords will be released periodically, through normal and free updates; tell us which ones do you like more!
An automated crash reporting system is active to help us in keeping high the quality of Crucidroid, but you can disable it from settings.
Have fun! by

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