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Das Erste

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앱 설명

Das Erste app
Take Das Erste along with you. Videos from the media centre, live streaming, information about the TV programmes and tips from the television broadcaster “Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen” (ARD) for smartphone and tablet – the Android-app makes it possible.
Functions of the Das Erste app:
Missed a programme? Watch it in the media centre of the Das Erste app: Tagesschau, Tatort, Sturm der Liebe (SdL), Verbotene Liebe (VL), Rote Rosen, Tim Mälzer, Polizeiruf 110, Günther Jauch, Hart aber fair, Lindenstraße, reports, films, magazines.
Das Erste live: A live stream of the programmes of Das Erste (ARD) – including the Tagesschau news and Bundesliga football in the Sportschau along with a quick preview of the ensuing two programmes.
TV-Programme: Knowing what is on and when – the current programme overview for today, tomorrow and the coming weeks. Additionally, the A-Z helps you find specific programmes.
Reminders: Set a reminder in the diary of your mobile device and you will never miss a programme highlight again.
TV tips: The best videos in the media centre of Das Erste and current programme advice from the editors along with the highlights of the day.
Share Programmes: Recommend your favourite TV programmes to your friends via email, facebook, twitter or google+.
Search: Find screening times and missed episodes of your favourite series with the search function.
The Das Erste app is free of charge.
As the viewing of videos uses a high data volume we recommend use with a flatrate. Tip: The quality of the videos is best when received via a WLAN network.
About us: The Das Erste app offers programmes and content of the television broadcaster “Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen”, represented by the “Programmdirektion Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen“ registered in Munich. Its legal basis is the ARD Interstate Treaty on Broadcasting and Telemedia. Das Erste is a collective programme of the ARD – the „Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“. The ARD consists of Das Erste and its broadcasting companies as well as other collective programmes: EinsPlus, tagesschau24, Einsfestival, 3sat, arte, Ki.Ka and Phoenix.

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