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Robot Defense

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앱 설명

Take control of the final line of defense against an overwhelming cyborg invasion in Robot Defense!
Climb into the pilot chamber of the gigantic defense mech, built to repel the hordes of cyborg invaders hell-bent on wiping human civilization off the face of the planet.
Blast enemies big and small, and occasionally clean house with your ultimate weapon, in an attempt to last long enough to endure the inevitable damage that will slip past your battle-hardened defenses.
Robot Defense features frantic tap-based gameplay as you attempt to hold out as long as possible against waves of enemies who attack you from all sides. It has several unique features including:
* Infinite Gameplay - The cyborg horde truly never ends. Stretch your reflexes to the limit as they attack ever more quickly and in greater numbers, until you are finally overwhelmed. See how long you can possibly last!
* Persistent Upgrades - By earning points through killing enemies, you unlock the ability to purchase upgrades for your mech. Weapon speed, health, even your ultimate weapon can all be upgraded to help you last longer against the cyborg swarm.
* Ranking System - Track how well you do with our pilot ranking system, and compare your high score to that of your friends. See if you can reach the rank of Eagle!
* Special Attack - Unleash the true firepower of your mech at the enemy by using your special attack, which will fill the screen with bullets. Use it carefully though, because it takes a long time to regenerate in between uses.
If you have been looking for an entertaining, twitch-based tap game with RPG elements, look no further than Robot Defense.
Download today and do your part to defend humanity against the evil cyborg invasion!

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