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Chagall, the biblical message

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앱 설명

Chagall’s « biblical message » is a vast collection of paintings that deals with Genesis, Exodus and was made around the early 1950’s, aiming to revive the Chapel du Rosaire in Vence. Finally offered to the French government in 1966, this unique set of painting represents the major part of the collection of the National Museum Marc Chagall in Nice.
This e-album presents the « biblical message » and a selection of paintings from the museum’s collection : about 40 works by Chagall with extremely high-resolution clichés.
The deep zoom will allow you to observe Chagall’s monumental paintings in details and witness the painter’s very personal technique. The clarity and faithful colorimetry has been certified by museum curators and is precisely what makes the Réunion des Musées Nationaux’s photograph agency unique.
Instructions :
1. Experience the vertical and horizontal reading formats.
2. Drag horizontally to turn the pages.
3. Pinch to zoom in or zoom out in a picture, text or video.
4. In the text, tap the screen on the references to display the paintings in full screen mode.

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