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Vision Therapy: Eye Refresh

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앱 설명

* Reached #1 Amazon Best Sellers Rank in Health & Fitness in! July 12th, 2013
* Reached #1 Amazon Best Sellers Rank in Paid App in! July 12th, 2013
This is a definitive edition of vision therapy with stereogram!
Do you have eyestrain?
Eyestrain may lose your good eyesight.
This app provides one of vision therapies with magical eye stereograms.
Stereograms have been used by vision therapists and orthoptists in the treatment of some binocular vision and accommodative disorders.
This would be effective to both focus adjustment capacity of eye and cognitive faculty of brain.
Kindly step-by-step tutorial allows beginner to learn stereogram vision therapy.
Free online customer support is available, now. If you had a trouble to learn magic eye, we are ready help you to learn this vision therapy through customer support.
Download this app today.
 You are ready to feel vision therapy result.
- More than 120 stereograms.
- Step-by-step tutorial.
- Cozy sounds.
- Movement forth and back features
- Showing answer features
- Active updates

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