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G4A: Indian Rummy

퍼블리셔: SpecTrek
가격: 1.67 USD

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앱 설명

This is a popular card game originating from India but played all over the world in different variations. Is is also know as "paplu".
Although it is one of the simpler Rummy variants, game play is addictive and challenging.
Expert players employ intricate strategies to optimize their success rate.
The most distinctive feature of this Rummy variant is the fact you have to have two "lives" before any runs/sets are taken into consideration when calculating penalty points.
A life is a run of three cards, one of which must be without jokers (a "natural run").
Short summary of the rules:
The basic objective of this game is to sort your 13 cards into runs (3 consecutive card of the same suit) and sets (three of the same face cards of different suits). Each turn you take one new card from the top of the discard or from the stock, and discard a card.
The first player to have all their cards sorted into runs and sets is the one who wins the hand and receives no penalty points. The other players receive penalty points based on the "deadwood" (cards not sorted into runs or sets) left in their hands.
This is the game Indian Rummy, also know as paplu in a nutshell, more elaborate rules and examples can be found under the info button in-game.

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