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Animal Xing Designer

퍼블리셔: NeFaStudio
가격: 1.24 USD

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앱 설명

Design helper tool for Animal Crossing, New Leaf, game for 3DS.
This app is an unofficial software, created as a personal hobby. There may be a risk of damaging game data by using this software (so far no report of game data corrupt at this time). Please use at your own risk, author makes no warranties whatsoever. Hope you will enjoy your life with Animal Xing.
Simple usage guide :
Design BBS :
Tutorial :
Demo :
Menu position can be moved to each corner. Hold down tool icon button (at corner), and drag toward edge you want to move to.
- Support all designs including PRO
- Import desgin from QR code
- Save / Load custom palette
- Freely locate normal panels up to 10
- Support stylus (i.e. Galaxy Note)
- Convert from image, camera, web image (color / dither optimization)
- Create QR code
- Freely edit town / author / title (up to 30 unique IDs can be saved)
- Undo / Redo up to 10 times
- Assign functions to volume / menu key
- Pen / erasor / fill / color pick
- Preview
- Move menu to favorite corner
- Print QR code from Brother mobile printer (MW-140BT/MW-145BT, need to check option in config)
- Direct upload/download from Design BBS
* Bluetooth used for Mobile Printer communication.
* 3DS and Animal Crossing is registered trademark for Nintendo.

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