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Voodoo Doll - Anger Relief

퍼블리셔: Smart Touch Games
가격: 20.00 USD

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앱 설명

A voodoo doll, used in the Voodoo religion, represents the spirit of a specific person as a result of a special ritual. After the ceremony, the owner has an opportunity to influence the person in accordance with his wishes and desires, using a Voodoo doll as a mediator.
Make your most evil wishes and thoughts into live with Voodoo Doll!
HOW TO PLAY: Create a doll similar to your offender by adding a photo or writing down a name. You can pick a photo from your gallery, or shoot your source of irritation with the camera. Punish your insulter by poking the doll with needles, shovel, torch, hurl and setting it on fire or just sending a bullet through it. Than explore the weapon kit.
Don’t hesitate and download this unusual app! There are plenty of instruments like shovel, needle, torch, hurl – just make your doll to plaintive cries! Improve your witchcraft skills and be the real voodoo doll master! Don’t hesitate, you shouldn’t miss this app!

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