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앱 설명

Let's master the English grammar basic to learn in high school and junior high school in one of this app!
English grammar and nature to be stored to make any repetition learning,
It's based on the idea that iterative learning in the example sentence of five grammar for one item.
Since the start of grammar really basic,
Junior high and elementary schools, English is weak in high school and college students,
To an adult you want to start over from the English one, available freely.
In addition, the pronunciation of the native people, so be played,
Correct English will remain in the memory and nature.
Japanese of the problem, make it easier to understand the relationship of English and Japanese translation,
Is not carried out free translation as much as possible, and has adopted the text close to the literal translation.
School Net Co., Ltd. has developed this app
I run learning website 4000 schools across the country to take advantage of the "you tomorrow".
It also has become a popular series with more than 300 million downloads total learning application also provides a large number.
Upon content production of this application,
I had you cooperate with Mr. "script of Business English / English".
About sound effects more than one of this application, I have received production yohei gokita's.

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