Green Cloud Runner

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앱 설명

Green Cloud Runner --- The World Needs A New Eco – Hero!
Meet Mr. Green Cloud – he is a Eco-Friendly- Fun - Cloudy Guy!
Don’t let the heat from the sun get you down….. Avoid at all costs!!!!…… Run! …. Run! … Run!!!!!!!!!
Don’t let Mr. Green Cloud run into the Sun…. or it could be Fatal …
Run and Jump and Duck and Dodge the Suns….. As quick and long as you can!!!!!
-10 different challenges
- Fast moving and Easy Gameplay
- Cool graphics and animations
- Fun and addicting Gameplay
- Colorful backdrop and Sweet character!
- Show Green Blood - What is Green Blood?
- OuterSpace and Night Time Backgrounds!
Contact Us!
The Word’s Newest Eco-Hero! … Needs Your Help!!!!!
Please post/email us your comments and feedback/suggestions! …. Mr. Green Cloud will listen!!!
Email Us:
Facebook :­/100463963452709
Check Out Our Games! We Love Games!!! :)
Join the Green Cloud Movement 2013!
Have Fun… Go Green … and Stay Cloudy!
Green Cloud Runner is a trademark of Green Cloud Games :)

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