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Camera & Camcorder (Kindle Tablet Edition)

퍼블리셔: 毛新宇
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

Unlock the device's camera and camcorder funtions;
Easy to use, touch the view screen to take a photo or start the video camera;
Delay shutter, 5s 10s 15s support;
Multi language supported;
Camera support delay, zoom, white balance,color effect and different scene mode;
Support different camcorder quality, including high, medium, low;
1."It was upside down when play on the PC."
When shooting videos with VideoCamera, VideoCamera will rotate the image/video automatically depends on how you hold your Kindle, and at the same time, write a rotation hint in the output video. According this hint video player can choose the proper orientation for playback. However when transferring videos to your Windows PC, you may find the Windows Media Center or Media Player cannot play some of them correctly. Some videos is sideways, some is upside down when playing on PC.
To slove this problem, suggest you to play the vedio by "QuickTime player"( Or you can use "VLC media player"( to rotate the vedio when playback
2."The sound and the video r not in sync"
Actully the sound and the video is in sync recorded.
But when you playback on the kindle, the video has little delay.
To slove this problem, suggest you to tranfer the video onto PC and play the it by "VLC media player", you will find the sound and the video is in sync.

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