MOWA - Mobile Wound Analyzer

퍼블리셔: Healthpath
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앱 설명

Became an expert in Wound Care in less than 3 minutes, with this unique app.
- Photograph ulcer;
- Analyze the ulcer in a few moments;
- Read the treatment (EPUAP-NPUAP);
- Archive and / or print analysis;
MOWA - Mobile Wound Analyzer - is an application for advanced management of pressure ulcers, diabetes and vascular disease. It is a sophisticated and practical software for analyze images of ulcers and may also be useful as a reference manual and guide for post -visual evaluation.
It is target to health professionals who heal wounds or want to learn how to heal wounds.
Meets the essential requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Devices, implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree 24 February 1997, 46 and therefore carries the CE mark.
Why use MOWA?
- It is not invasive: it doesn't make contact with the patient;
- It is objective: it follows international guidelines;
- It is a medical device: registered in the list of the Italian ministry of health as a class I A CE directives;
- It is fast, analysis process takes less than 3 minutes;
- It is easy to use: just take a picture of the ulcer;
- It is unique in the world: it is the only app for mobiles with this utility;
- Patient record
- Healing process assessment comparing photos in time
- Graph charts of tissues percentages against time

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