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앱 설명

Stream hundreds of blockbuster movies, hit TV shows and exclusive originals—and it’s all FREE. Forget the same old, we’re constantly updating our lineup with top-shelf content like Fury, The Bourne Ultimatum, Seinfeld, Heroes and Community. Check out our cutting-edge Sony Crackle Originals, like Snatch, StartUp, SuperMansion and The Oath, featuring stars that include Martin Freeman, Bryan Cranston and Sean Bean. All on-demand, no subscription needed—and did we mention it’s totally FREE?

Want in? Just download the app and start streaming instantly.

Tune into our Spotlight Channel and check out ‘This Week On’ to see what movies and TV the Sony Crackle team has handpicked for you this week.
Have a favorite genre? Own it. Cut to the chase when you are looking for something to watch and filter by Comedy, Drama, Action, Fandom, Thriller… You get the idea.
Get personal and set up a free account. All it takes is an email from you and you get a lot from us: Pick up where you left off on any device, see fewer ads in select programming, and save items to watch later.

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