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Fun Kids Crossword Puzzles

퍼블리셔: P-King
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

Crossword Puzzle King has made this fun crossword puzzle app for children of all ages. This game is perfect for princes and princesses everywhere! Exciting puzzles with great titles and themes will offer hours of entertaining and adventurous word play. Whether you are interested in learning more English as a native speaker or as an ESL Student, this game offers you the best in crossword gaming. This is a truly rewarding game that will challenge, amaze and entertain all that play it.
Here are a few of our crossword titles included:
Don't Stop Beliebing!
Glee Whiz!
Halloween Havoc
High Speed Geography
Hooray for Hollywood
Lego Fever
Not So Civil Twilight
Olympic Crossword Medalist!
Potter Puzzle
Shine Like a Diamond
Crossword Puzzle King teamed up with MerridithT. As one of Canada and United Kingdoms`s premier ESL teachers, Merridith has compiled her knowledge and experience and helped us design this awesome game. Over several years she has taught thousands of children of different ages to learn and understand English in a way that is fun, easy and simple to retain. Together, we have created and are proud to present these 35 professionally designed crossword puzzles that are just as fun as they are educational. Each crossword is themed around topics that will engage and help your children learn while they have fun answering the questions about things that are sure to love.

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