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Art of War

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앱 설명

" Art of War" is one of the earliest extant book on military strategy , but also the world's first book on military strategy , a total of 13 . On Sun Wu , Spring and Autumn Period Qi people , birth and death unknown . He suffered king lu reuse, as will the Wu , Wu Zhijun auxiliary power for strong military Wu made an important contribution .
"Art of War " content , including the war , the army and the basic problems of discourse strategies, tactics , operational principles , methods, and so on. It profoundly pointed out war and political and economic relations , the outcome of the war made the decision five basic factors are political, weather, geography, generals , legal, and political factors, first and foremost ; it presents many outstanding ideas , such as " Zhibi friends , know yourself , the enemy is unprepared , surprise , the enemy without fighting the soldiers , good and good , too " and so on, many issues reflect the general law of war .
" Art of War" discusses the problems of war , but also contains many valuable philosophy . The book said, " Zhibi friends , know yourself " and " victory for the enemy " that the two sides must fully understand all the circumstances , in order to achieve victory in the war , requiring the war against the enemy and I both various factors affecting the outcome of war for a comprehensive understanding and comparing it to predict the outcome of war , reflecting the simple materialistic tendencies.
" Art of War" and rich in dialectics , the book explores a series of war-related conflict confrontation and transformation , such as the enemy , Away, Zhonggua , strong or weak , offensive and defensive , advance and retreat , victory or defeat , is surprising , the actual situation , Yong cowardly , work and rest , movement, Yu Zhi , Li suffering , and death and so on. " Art of War" particular attention to the conditions of transformation of these opposites . One of the most important is the people's initiative . That the outcome of the war depends not only on the objective situation , but also on the war subjective guidance is correct. On the one hand , it says "victory shows , and can not as" that victory can be predicted , but can not be wished to obtain . The other to say "victory for the people." As long as the two sides of the case study , whereby the right to determine their own actions , play to their strengths and avoid their passive and use the enemy's weakness caused by the enemy's passive , you can create the conditions for victory . "Art of War " is the various contradictions in the study and transformation of the war on the basis of the conditions put forward its war strategy and tactics. "Sun in the art of war " on the question of war embodied in dialectical thinking , dialectical thinking in ancient China as an important part of the development of dialectical thinking in China occupies an important position in the history .
"Art of War " in the philosophy applies not only military , but also wide attention from all sides , is used in many other fields ; some modern entrepreneurs , but also the "Art of War " in the dialectical thinking , military strategy used in enterprise operational and commercial war to go. " The Art of War" a book of significance far beyond the scope of the art of war .

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